Etsy accepts short term criticism to attain long term success

Etsy booked one hundred and ninety five million dollars in its 2014 revenue, and it is registered in the public trade as a B corps company. The company started a program that connects the manufacturers with the sellers. Similarly in 2013 they announced a change in their company policy by allowing their sellers to sell some of the manufactured goods and update their process according to the change taking place outside the world.The company valuates whether the all the proposals received from the manufacturers are sustainable and making sure that they are maintaining the quality of the handmade products and items. On an average, they have 1.5 million sellers in their marketplace comprising of the people who are interested in making handicraft items as a part time or full time job and they have thirty six million listings. Being a rebellion is the nature of the online company that pioneered the waterfront in Brooklyn and now it is crowded with murals, startups, food trucks and other markets that are trending this year.

Chad Dickerson is the Chief executive of the online marketplace and gave an interview to Business Insider. In his interview he said that any decision taken by an organization does not satisfy everyone in the organization. And while taking conventional decisions, they faced many controversies during their short term, but it would lead them to long term development and growth. Even though the company has attained growth in its industry and having eight hundred employees, the company still maintains their determination to walk forward. And it is not just an online marketplace, but it is a clique of more than twelve thousand communities who have common interest and reside in different parts of the world

Etsy’s shopping secrets are finally unleashed

Etsy is the most popular online shopping website that sells exclusively made unique handicrafts. The US based company was found in 2005 and it has now turned out to be the most successful startup. It poses a threat to many leading companies like the mighty Amazon, Best Buy and many websites that only focus on handicrafts. Recently, Amazon launched a new marketplace for handmade items for cheaper prices and it has created a downfall in Etsy’s sales.
Recently, Etsy has been quiet experimental with its search algorithm in order to grab attention from more online shoppers. Though it is not any better than Amazon’s search algorithm, it is a grand success among its users. At the end of the day, the users purchase only when they find out products of their choices in a short span of time. Also, if you are looking to buy products for any particular occasion, you could choose from the various options, how freaking cool is that? Etsy is the right place if you are looking for a site to buy things that fall under your budget.
Etsy also offers DIY trends, ideas and tips for everything and anything. Do not forget to go through the seller’s history and always check the shipping payments before you check out with the product. “Etsy Pages” is the right option if you want to browse through more groups of items. Most importantly, make sure you request for a sample product before you order in bulk.

Some crazy Valentine’s Day cards on Etsy

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and a lot of love birds are already making plans. Remember, it is also very important to express your feelings to your dream partner, same old boring “I love you” cards are so YESTERDAY! Make it cool, cheeky, snazzy, a bit playful and wild this year. Etsy is the right place where you can find quirky Valentine’s Day cards because it is the dream destination for artisans and handicrafts.
Etsy is one of the tough competitors for the mighty Amazon and it has also had crazy sales in the past. But Amazon’s marketplace for unique handicrafts caused a serious downfall in Etsy’s sales. Nevertheless, Etsy did not give up and even came back stronger with exciting deals and offers.
Etsy has always offered exciting deals during holiday seasons and special occasions. Valentine’s Day is no exception and the website has some crazy ideas in its store. Greeting cards with creative quotes are some of them and each card has a name for it. Sparkvites, Blackbird letterpress, Diamond Donatella, Hartland Brooklyn, Gold Teeth Brooklyn, Becka Griffin Illustration, DeLuce Design, AvEHdesigns, Emily McDowell, Fishcake Design, Lark Press, Life is Funny Press, Near Modern Disaster, Nightingale Projects, Pinterette Press, Sycamore Street Press, and Turtle’s Soup are some of the exclusive cards from Etsy. These Valentine’s Day cards do not cost more than seven dollars. Check out these bizarre cards on Etsy’s website and buy one to make your partner feel special!

Credit card payments stopped working on Etsy

Etsy is an online shopping destination for unique people who are into handmade crafts and products. It is one of a kind but it also poses a threat to the big names like the mighty Amazon in the industry. Recently, Amazon launched a new marketplace for unique handicrafts for cheaper prices and it affected Etsy’s sales in an extensive level. Nevertheless, Etsy did not lose its long term dedicated users because of its quality handmade products.
Etsy offers all the payment modes to its users and the most used mode is the credit card payment option. To everyone’s surprise, the customers were not able to check out with credit cards on Etsy. It created a huge panic among Etsy’s customers and some even posted on social media platform regarding the issue. The issue occurred on 6th of February and lasted till Sunday but the other payment options worked perfectly fine.
The mighty Amazon faced the same issue few days back but solved it in few hours. Etsy’s issue lasted for a day and it happened during the weekend that disrupted the sales. However, the US based firm came up with a solution and fixed it. Etsy is known for its unique handmade items and has the world’s best artisans as its sellers. The CEO Chad Dickerson has never encouraged the sellers to be lenient with the product prices. Regardless the prices, people always choose Etsy over any other site for buying unique and creative products!

Secrets of Etsy’s entrepreneurs

Etsy is the online destination for artisans and it has turned many part time vendors into super stars. The US based company was established in 2005 and it has given lives to many crafty people. If you are one of those crafty artisans with unique talents who wants to make money off Etsy, then you should learn certain strategies and tactics.
 If you want a lead in the race, say No to loans that would financially support you. The interest rates of online small business loans would be higher than other loans, but it does a convenient service for you.
 Always invest time and money in making suitable and appropriate arrangements for your business. If you are looking to sell cute little bows for the kittens, buy a DSLR to take pictures of them to post on Etsy’s website. Smart and wise business plans are very essential in the ecommerce industry.
 Do not hesitate to be strict with terms and conditions because wise business people would not step down from their final decisions no matter what. Be firm with what you want and convey it to the medium!
 If you are not into loans that demand higher interest rates, then choose zero interest credit cards. It helps you to save your productive balance without having to pay interest during the introductory period. Several Etsy entrepreneurs have followed this tactic to become more successful with Etsy online stores.
 Never ever forget to set monthly sales goals that would motivate you to achieve better in near future! Set a target and work hard to hit it before next month commences.
 If you lack knowledge in business tactics and strategies, make use of Google and other search engines to note down the important contact address of business class workshops within your region.
 After all, your passion and dedication matter a lot! If you focus only on money, it is very difficult to make it! Let loose of your passion and creativity, you may even be the next star!

Etsy feels the heat from Amazon

Etsy is a dream destination for all the shoppers and sellers out there. Especially for people who are crazy about handicrafts by artisans. There are many sellers who have started it as a hobby and now are professional top sellers. Lately, the company has been feeling the heat from the world famous Amazon. Amazon has launched a new column for handmade goods by renowned artisans. Hence, the shoppers are now moving to Amazon from Etsy and because of that, Etsy’s revenue has dropped by 20 percent on October. The immense difference in market revenue has created a potential threat to the market giant, Etsy.

However the sellers would only shift to the mighty Amazon depending on the user’s demands. The shoppers look for the quality products and Etsy is known for its classy handicrafts. It is never too late for Etsy to catch up with Amazon in the race. Both the online shopping giants have come up with many offers and deals as a holiday bonanza. Etsy has now launched ASAP service, Etsy Manufacturing and many other deals for both the sellers and shoppers to expand further and make record breaking sales during Christmas. Amazon is no less compared to Etsy either! It has even launched same day delivery option way before any other services. The competition between the two online shopping services seems to be on hot blazing fire! Nevertheless, the online shopping site exclusively meant for handicrafts, Etsy is definitely feeling the pressure from Amazon!

Etsy’s sudden drop in market revenue

Etsy, the online shopping site is one among the very few sites that focuses on handmade goods. It is always preferred to any other site by several people for handicrafts. The company’s market revenue has always been on peak ever since it went viral. But the company’s revenue has dropped by an immense 20 percent on October. Thanks to the mighty Amazon, sarcasm much? Amazon has come up with a brand new column exclusively meant for handicrafts. Etsy’s revenue went down on the very first day of Amazon’s launch. Several online shoppers have shifted from Etsy to Amazon.

Though Amazon has comparatively higher user accounts than any other shopping sites, the fee charged is very high due to marketing, better fraud protection and so on. Because of that, users  are still holding onto Etsy. Soon, the sellers would also move to Amazon depending on the users demand. The online shopping giant Amazon is now considered to be a serious threat to Etsy.

Etsy should now focus on the quality of the product and many other factors to diminish the chance of being completely defeated by its rival. Amazon has a better service than any other services since it is the most commonly used, but people would always prefer the one with better quality. A shopper can rely on Etsy when it comes to a distinct range of product that could be found nowhere else. We still have hopes on you Etsy, do not give up!

Simple steps to start selling on Etsy without spending much money

Selling on Etsy is simple which gives you an opportunity to earn an extra income. Here are some simple steps on how to get started on Etsy:

Have an idea about what to sell on Etsy:

Etsy products are completely focused on handmade and vintage goods. So the product you are selling to sell should be within this category.

How to make a good sale:

Etsy gives a chance to express your creativity and get paid for it. Sell your favourite crafts and products which people like to buy. Make sure to go with goods for which you have interest.

Make it simple with Etsy:

Etsy is considered to be the best place to start a business with a low cost. In order to start some eCommerce business, all you need is credibility and advertisements to get a good sale for your product, but as Etsy already has its exposure and credits, the only thing you need to do is to create a preliminary version of the product you are going to sell.

Create Description in an attractive manner:

To grab people’s attention, create descriptions with a personality which makes them feel that they are buying it from an existing person. Describe the best things about your product at the top and use short paragraph to keep the reader’s interest. Etsy help sellers to add URL’s which direct the customers back to the Etsy shop.

Include tempting product images:

You can make your sales better by representing your product in a good way. Try taking photos and edit it in a beautiful way using good resources. You can also use backdrops to get a professional look to your photographs.

Start your own Etsy like Marketplace with Shopsy

Etsy To Open Wholesale venture to help retail buyers

Etsy is an online store expert on home made products, which has now started a new plan to expand its market by launching a wholesale business. Those who like to join this service need to pay an initial fee of some amount and 3.5 of the transactions will be collected.

Wholesale business is something where customers can buy a large amount of products and sell them at retail value. Some sellers double the wholesale price and some will triple to set a retail price. The sellers will set the price in such a way that they will get both the profit and customer satisfaction.

This wholesale deal acts as a new member on Etsy, which comprises of boutiques, gift stores and many more. Etsy provides new opportunities for buyers and sellers maintain a proper relationship.

Etsy is displaying its wholesale pavilion in New York where it provides facilities for the retailers to have online access with all Etsy wholesaler. It is easy to maintain product listings in both retail as well as wholesalers.

It is safe to sell your Etsy products at retail price than cheating yourself selling it wholesale price. The main idea behind the wholesale expansion is that, many retail buyers find it hard to buy some unique products in wholesale, so Etsy help buyers to get connected with the vendors and purchase large amount of product at wholesale prices. Wholesale expansion is also a new way to develop business relationships online.

Etsy might not be the best of all but definitely not the least

Online shopping platform is definitely has brought a new insight to the industry. As much as it is famous and happening, it is also filled with corruption and exploitation. The platforms do not seem to care about mending the evil ways or whatsoever! Etsy, the dream shopping site for handmade things might not be superior to its rivals, but it is a lot chic when compared to the other sites! It might not change the world but definitely it does what it can to provide the best to the buyers! There is a valid reason why many companies are now jumping on the certification bandwagon namely Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, Leaping Bunny, Oeko-tex, organic, B Corp, Global Organic Textiles, etc. The consumers are asking for it anyway and the companies couldn’t say no!

However, the dream shopping destination is giving away one of a kind shopping experience to the buyers. The truly dedicated shoppers want to know who made their clothes; it would be really great if the clothing companies come out with clean acts and encourage transparent factories such as Alta Gracia that pays decently fair wages to its workers! But that is a very rare sight to witness! The consumers should seek out the ethical retailers for anti-corruption and Etsy seems to be a great start for it! Etsy’s $50 worth handmade scarf seems to be a much better option than Waltmart’s cheaply woven $5 one simply because it treats the workers poorly and degrades the environment with harsh textile processing. For this sole reason, owning a handmade scarf from Etsy is way better than the other one!